Camp Cadet Troop L
A Non profit youth Development program conducted by troop l of the pennsylvania state police and municipal police from berks lebanon and schuylkill counties

Growth Through Discipline

Achievement Through Teamwork

Pride Through Respect

What Camp Cadet is ​About

Camp Cadet is an overnight, week-long summer camp for youth ages ​12-15 years old from Berks, Lebanon, and Schuylkill counties. This ​program focuses on the importance of integrity, respect, teamwork, ​discipline, and education on different types of law enforcement. ​Camp Cadet provides a positive growth experience within the ​framework of a "mini police academy" structure.

Throughout the week campers compete in challenges that require ​them to work together in teams while practicing problem solving ​skills and communication. Other activities include horseback ​riding/handling, shooting, scuba diving, sports, drill instruction, ​physical activity, along with presentations and demonstrations from ​local law enforcement.

Importance of Camp Cadet

Investing in the future

We value the importance of building ​our youth to have respect for ​themselves and others.

Building positive ​relationships with law ​enforcement

We organize a variety of presentations ​that expose campers to different ​types of law enforcement groups that ​they could one day be a part of.

Creating first-time ​experiences

We understand every camper comes ​from a different background. We aim ​to help build their confidence in hopes ​they make friends along the way.

Meet some of the ​staff who help us ​transform lives

Every member of our staff are some form of law ​enforcement, first responders, and prior or active ​military. It is our main priority to maintain your ​child's safety during the week of camp. All camp ​activities are supervised by a counseling

staff. Senior Counselors reside at the camp with the ​cadets.

Many of our senior counselors have gone through ​Camp Cadet at some point in their life.

Upon completion of Camp Cadet, campers have the ​option to come back and serve as 'junior counselors' ​and assist the senior counselors in ensuring the ​safety of your child.

See what parents and ​volunteers have to say

"This is such a great opportunity for the youth. It was great ​seeing how much each and every one grew as an individual ​fr​om the day of drop off until closing ceremonies."

- Sara Collucci​

"Fantastic job and ​sacrifices by all those ​who make this possible ​for these future young ​men ​and women."

- Paul Martin J​r.

"This camp has been an invaluable experience for my son ​and has contributed greatly to his self confidence, sense ​of c​amaraderie, and leadership potential."

- Nerine ​Julian

"What an amazing experience my son Darren had! He ​made s​o many friends and had a wonderful time!"

- Michael Demos

"Camp Cadet ignited the embers of patriotism and service ​my ​family created and turned them into flames."

- Jonathan Tran​quillo

"My daughter had a great time, I would highly recommend ​for​ your teen."

- Ke​ila Sebia

Important ​Information

  • 2024 Camp Dates: 11 Aug - 17 Aug
  • Applications can be found below
  • We are taking applications between 1 April-31 May
  • Interested applicants must be between the ages of 12-15 ​who have not previously attended camp.
  • Interested applicants must reside in either Berks, Lebanon, ​or Schuylkill counties.
  • The number of campers selected for camp will be ​determined on space available each year.
  • Applications must be sent along with a $10 application fee ​to: Camp Cadet P.O. Box 6845 Wyomissing, PA 19610
  • Application fees can be made out to Camp Cadet Troop L
  • Applicants who are accepted into camp will be called in for ​an acceptance interview.
  • Registration is a $200.00 non-refundable fee, payable ​when accepted for camp at the interview. Amount is ​subject to change.

Application for Camp

Junior Counselors

  • Junior Counselors are referred to as "JC's" and are campers who assist the senior ​counselors in ensuring the safety of your child.
  • JC's are members who have previously attended camp and are assigned to a squad ​for the duration of the week.
  • The number of JC's selected for camp depends on the number of campers selected ​each year.
  • Interested applicants must fill out the Junior Counselor Application, along with a ​photo of themselves, their last report card and mail it to the address: Director, ​Camp Cadet, 600 Kenhorst Boulevard, Reading, PA 19611
  • Applications must be received before 31 May 2024, there will also be a $150 fee.
  • Some responsibilities of the JC's include:
    • Being the example for campers
    • Showing campers the importance of core values
    • Assisting in the set-up/tear down of camp activities
    • Ensuring the safety of campers to and from activities.
    • Assisting the campers in perfecting drill movements in preparation for ​graduation.
    • Reporting any safety issues or foul behavior from campers.
    • Being the bridge of communication between campers and senior counselors.

Link to our Camp Cadet ​Highlight Video

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Mailing Address: Camp Cadet P.O. Box 6845 Wyomissing, PA 19610

Physical Address: 33 Camp Road Douglasville, PA